Chapters in the Book

We All Want to Be Special – Just Not in This Way

Six Signs You Have NOT Had a Heart Attack
Could Those Be…..Nose Hairs?
Looking Your Age, Whatever That Means
I’m Sorry. What Did You Say?
Botox Blues
Major Injuries from Minor Accidents
The Snoring Problem


Strange, Random Thoughts May Cross Your Mind

First Times, Last Times
I Have a Problem with the Zeitgeist
Feeling Young While Being Perceived as Old
An Ode to Smart Blood
One Day You Notice
Heavy Petting
The Lesson of Big Knuckles and Spider Veins
Healthy Conversations


Transitions Occur, Almost Like Weather Fronts

The Boring Birthday Years
Kicking Your Kids Out of the Home while Putting Your Parents into One
Divorced from Reality
Are You, Perhaps, Too Old for Your Underwear?
Friends with Benefits
Twelve Rules for Houseguests
Halfway between East and West


What Lies Ahead

How to Put on Your Socks without Falling on Your Head
Speaking Your Mind: She Said WHAT?
Patience, Please: Our Technological Victory Is Coming
Are We Really Living Longer?
Inventions for a Better Future
The New Face of Funerals
The Circle of Life